News Updates from the Global Information Network

December 12, 2013


Dear Valued Members and Affiliates,

A month ago, we announced several operational and membership enhancements we are working on to improve your overall GIN experience.  We mentioned a new Member Rewards Program, an increase in Education that will be available in multiple formats, and Member Engagement opportunities.  Additionally, we announced that we will be holding a Major Event during the first half of 2014.

Since our communication in November, we’ve been working diligently to get these new enhancements reconstructed and secured.  We’re pleased with the positive feedback about the recent member2member program, and look forward to adding more programs for your benefit.  Please know we are working intensely to launch these enhancements and events for you.  We value your commitment to GIN, and much like many of you have built strong bonds and relationships among yourselves, we too cherish the friendships we’ve formed with you.

We will keep you informed as updates develop.


GIN Headquarters

Note: According to the information gathered by the Receiver of The Global Information Network, the entity referred to as the GIN Council does not exist and therefore any reference or endorsement of this entity by any of the Global Information Network’s previous trainers/hosts should not be interpreted as an endorsement, benefit or part of the training curriculum of the GIN organization. GIN’s Affiliate Program may also be referred to in past trainings or educational materials. GIN’s Affiliate Program officially ends on November 30, 2013.

December 14, 2013


Dear GIN Members:

The Receiver has been advised that certain Members of GIN have engaged in a concerted effort to encourage other Members to discontinue payment of their monthly dues in hopes this would somehow derail the efforts of the Receiver. The Receiver would like to take this opportunity to clarify our current and future plans with regards to the operations of GIN.

As most of you know, on August 7, 2013 the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois entered an Order Appointing a Receiver and Implementing Ancillary Relief (Order). The Order appointed Robb Evans & Associates LLC as Receiver over the assets of Kevin Trudeau, including but not limited to Global Information Network FDN, Website Solutions USA, and all Trudeau Entities whether foreign or domestic. A copy of the Order can be viewed on our website at

Section V of the Order outlines the duties and authority of the Receiver. Subsection 12 reads in pertinent part, „Continue to conduct the businesses of any Trudeau Entity, but only to the extent it is possible to operate such businesses legally and profitably…“ (Emphasis added). Under the direction of the Receiver, GIN has made a number of changes in its Marketing approach. These changes are designed to meet the first criteria in Section 12, that is, that the business must be run legally. GIN staff is working diligently to design an enhanced Member benefits program which includes, among other things, the expansion of GIN’s accredited education curriculum, providing a wider variety of education topics and event formats, sponsoring local and major events, trainings, recognition and facilitating networking opportunities designed for overall personal growth and improvement.

The second duty of the Receiver under Section 12 of the Order requires the Receiver to determine if the company can be operated profitably. Actions by a few rogue Members encouraging other Members to stop paying dues constitutes a violation of the Order as it interferes with the duties of the Receiver.

It is the Receiver’s hope that GIN will survive as a true club and become financially stable so that it can continue in operation for many years to come. Assuming GIN can become financially stable and be operated profitability, it is the intention of the Receiver to get permission from the Court to transfer GIN operations for a fair price to a new owner or ownership group. The Receiver’s oversight of the GIN operations could then be terminated and GIN would be operated by the new owners.

Efforts to disrupt these initiates and the continued business operations of GIN can unfairly penalize thousands of other Members that are currently engaged in GIN’s training system and the new Member benefits.

The receiver supports recommendations from the GIN staff to create a new GIN Round Table made up of seven individuals elected by active Members in good standing. Members that are loyal and remain optimistic about the future of GIN would make good candidates to serve on the GIN Round Table. There are a tremendous number of rumors and misinformation being circulated by a few Members. The Receiver recognizes the need to support a strong interchange of ideas and information with Members that „know and understand“ the field. The GIN Round Table would provide a forum that could help to defuse the rumors and present factual information. The Receiver would be willing to participate in a monthly conference call with the GIN Round Table.

As a reminder, the Receiver is here for the purpose of stabilizing the organization, providing guidance so that it can be operated legally and become financially stable with the end goal being to transfer GIN operations for a fair price and end our oversight.

December 21, 2013


Dear Valued Members and Affiliates,

Thank you for being a loyal participant of the Global Information Network family, and for working with us to strengthen and improve our club!  We promised to keep you informed of improvements regarding the membership enhancements and exciting new benefits in GIN.

Today we bring the news that all of our valued Affiliates will now be converted to Associates. Associates will continue to enjoy limited resources on the GIN website, at qualified live events, and can even benefit from our new Member Rewards program that will go live in early 2014! More details about the specific benefits for Associates and how they can engage in the Member Rewards program will be released in the coming weeks.

Our club has touched the lives of thousands of Members around the world. One of our many goals is to broaden our reach so that globally, we can positively impact as many individuals as possible.  We will be announcing some exciting and innovative Member benefits over the next few months that will drive the future growth of our club.

Stay tuned next week for a huge announcement from GIN Headquarters regarding drastically restructured upgrade fees!

GIN Headquarters

Note: According to the information gathered by the Receiver of the Global Information Network, the entity referred to as the GIN Council does not exist and therefore any reference or endorsement of this entity by any of the Global Information Network’s previous trainers/hosts should not be interpreted as an endorsement, benefit or part of the training curriculum of the GIN organization. GIN’s Affiliate Program may also be referred to in past trainings or educational materials. GIN’s Affiliate Program officially ended on November 30, 2013.

December 30, 2013


Dear Valued Members and Associates,

On behalf of the entire GIN community, we wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!  As part of our kickoff to strengthen and improve our club in the New Year, GIN announced that we would be releasing more information regarding the newly structured Member entry and upgrade fees.  Today, we are very excited to release this new pricing structure for GIN’s current Member Levels I through VI.

This new pricing structure will allow for greater accessibility to the GIN training system and community for a larger prospective audience, and it will provide our Members with more financial resources to participate in future GIN trainings and Major Events than ever before in our history.  The new fee structure will be as follows:  Level I – New Member initiation fee is $600 (a Level 1 payment plan will also be available), Level II Upgrade is $1,000, Level III Upgrade is $1,500, Level IV Upgrade is $2,000, Level V Candidate Upgrade is $2,500, and Level VI Candidate Upgrade is $3,000.  Please take note that these prices become effective as of midnight, January 1, 2014.

We look forward to providing additional New Year announcements in the coming weeks, including GIN’s new Member Rewards Program and New Training Events!  We would like to thank you for your continued support and loyalty of the club and its community of GIN Members.  If you have any questions regarding the new pricing or any other programs, please contact

GIN Headquarters

Note: According to the information gathered by the Receiver of the Global Information Network, the entity referred to as the GIN Council does not exist and therefore any reference or endorsement of this entity by any of the Global Information Network’s previous trainers/hosts should not be interpreted as an endorsement, benefit or part of the training curriculum of the GIN organization. GIN’s Affiliate Program may also be referred to in past trainings or educational materials. GIN’s Affiliate Program officially ended on November 30, 2013.

January 15, 2014


We, at GIN Headquarters, would first like to apologize to all of our Members, speakers, believers, and supporters. We have been working tirelessly every day, and many times throughout the night, to regain ground control and stabilize this amazing club! Guess what . . . it’s working! It’s time to thrive. Here is what we have accomplished so far:

* Since the Receivership, we have been able to successfully weed out the majority of the compliance issues brought against the club in order to prove that we are operating correctly and legally. We were able to accomplish this because of our staff’s loyalty, efforts, and true belief in this club. Without people like Nick, Lisa, Joel, Jeanette and many others, we would not be here today to announce this. Thanks to all of you!

* In the last five months, we have been able to reinstate and upgrade previous Members who were unable to continue their GIN Membership due to cost or concern. Our Members are coming back! This cannot be denied and our numbers are showing it! And why not?  Everything that the Members have received, learned and earned from this club is life-changing. Now we have begun to regroup. It’s a perfect time to combine our minds and show the world that we can thrive!

* A regional education “road show” has been put in place and is ready to launch! This will not only include some of your favorite speakers from the past, but also some new speakers who are sure to inspire! Keep in mind—these will not replace GIN Major Events; they will only enhance the existing event lineup! These regional events are designed to be frequent and more accessible to all.

* We have a new and improved Member Rewards program that will be coming out shortly that is sure to impress!

This is the part where we need to apologize.  With all of this great news . . . and more to come . . .we have failed in one area. As the staff has been working tirelessly to maintain this great club, keep it growing, and offer even more benefits, we have failed to inform you of all of our progress, successes, and achievements.

We have also failed to set the record straight with certain comments and attacks from others. This will not happen any further.

First, let us say we have the endorsement and support of GIN’s key players. Contrary to rumors and other reports, the fact is that GIN has a dedicated faculty of educators and speakers that have been here all along! Troy McClain, Coral Thomas, Ed Foreman, Dr. Tom Morter, Dr. Ted Morter, Blaine Athorn, Chris McGarahan, Dr. Theresa Dale, Ron Ball, Aadil Palkhivala, Jacques Patenaude, and many others are with us today, and will be with us tomorrow and in the future.

Secondly, we cannot let the club fold due to misguided management practices from the past. It is imperative that we remain united, informed, and stay the course. Our chief aim must be to comply with legal and ethical business practices in order to move onward and upward with our club. This is in fact what the Receivers are doing. They are allowing us to operate and work within our system of beliefs, while guiding us to create sustainability for the future.

Finally, there is no WIN outside of GIN! Some reports and letters are suggesting that it would be easier to start over and build a new club from the ground up. The fact is that GIN already exists. Our staff is here. Our speakers are here.  We will continue to fight. Why? Because we know that its right to fight for what we believe in, what we’ve built, and what we love. As a team, we made it through 2013. As a club, we will grow for all to see in 2014. Together we will thrive!


Jeff Devine
GIN Operations

January 16, 2014


Dear GIN Community Members,

Due to the culmination of many unofficial and non-factual communications that are sent to various members within the entire GIN community, GIN will be providing official, ongoing, transparent and factual updates and position statements to the field.  This will mitigate the effects of misleading, confusing and sometimes intimidating communications sent from other parties.  This information is not intended to influence any one person’s assessment or understanding of a given topic as it relates to our incredible club. It is provided to offer a clear understanding of facts so that each professional GIN Member can stay knowledgeable of the current scene.

GIN has the potential to reach all corners of the globe to inspire and grow individuals beyond our wildest dreams.  We have not even accomplished one half of one percent of the club’s potential.  Unfortunately, in recent months, the club has been plagued by the shadow of legal scrutiny as a result of independent legal challenges of other individuals or entities.

Let’s not allow a period of difficulty to steal our opportunity to unite as ONE to accomplish wonderful goals—goals that may seem outside of our reach right now.  The dreams are there.  They are real and they are attainable.  Give GIN a chance to be everything that you want it to be!


Who is the official „voice“ of GIN?

  •  The official voice of GIN as a whole is a collective and cooperative voice of all parties that make GIN work.  This includes the Members, the receiver, the staff, the speakers, the faculty and crucial vendors.  It is the intention of GIN to strengthen the communication and bridge the gap so that GIN is a solid organization made up of opinions and expertise from all parties that make it function.  Together and united as ONE GIN can thrive!

Is the staff controlled by the receiver?

  • GIN Staff acts within an operating structure just like any normal organization.  GIN Staff’s relationship is no different with the receivers than it would be with any other owner. Staff presents data and recommendations to the receivers for the benefit of the club. Naturally there are times that we don’t agree on an issue. Usually after discussion and passionate debate, equitable outcomes are concluded upon (while working within financial and legal parameters).

Why has the receiver terminated several GIN Staff Members?

  • As with most restructuring efforts, the termination of various posts was made for reasons of financial and legal stability.

Have any GIN funds been applied to Mr. Trudeau’s debt?

  • None as of the date of this message.

Are my Membership dues paying the receivers’ fees?

  • Membership revenues help to fund all of the operating expenses of GIN.  This includes receivers’ professional fees which provide for many of the same services previously retained by GIN, such as legal services, financial management, and general counsel.  These fees are fair and customary to the market.

Why is the receiver in control of GIN?

  • The court appointed receiver was in place to marshal and hold assets of Mr. Kevin Trudeau to pay a judgment against Mr. Trudeau.  Per previous statements from Mr. Trudeau himself, he has indicated that it was his request for the court to assign a receiver to his estate.

Will founding member Kevin Trudeau return to GIN?

  • At this time, it is unclear if Mr. Trudeau’s legal circumstances will permit him to return or if it is in the best interest of Mr. Trudeau or GIN to have him do so.  However, GIN has not made any final determination as to Mr. Trudeau’s continued participation with GIN.  It is possible that Mr. Trudeau could return to GIN in a training/consultant capacity in the future under new ownership as long as all duties are carried out in a legal and financially responsible manner and managed within a legal structure of its future ownership.

Does GIN support Kevin Trudeau’s legal defense fund?

  • Any GIN Staff member, GIN Member, vendor, speaker etc. can participate in supporting the SWKT effort if they so choose.  The receivers have made NO attempts to restrict Mr. Trudeau’s supporters from voicing their positions or restricting their financial support for SWKT as it is Mr. Trudeau’s Legal right to raise funds for his own legal defense.

Is the receiver „milking” the organization?

  • The court appointed receivers are hired by the court to make GIN legally sound and financially profitable.  It can be said for many receivership processes that many organizations that go through this process rarely have the opportunity to repair their company or organization under a receivership prior to being sold or dismantled.  GIN is encouraged that the court has permitted GIN to make its operations legal and financially profitable.

Have the receivers cancelled Membership benefits?

  • The receivers have removed the Affiliate program and other Member trainings that did not align with GIN’s goal of total legal compliance.  GIN has a new approved budget for the Regional Education Forums (Road Shows) and the new Member Rewards program.

Has the GIN Staff been recruited by other “GIN-like” spinoffs?

  • Yes, of course!  There have been attempts to directly recruit and entice GIN Staff away from GIN HQ by other spinoffs owned or managed by previously terminated speakers, staff and/or Members.  However, even during these difficult times, to GIN’s knowledge, not a single staff member has resigned for the purpose of joining another GIN spinoff!

Why won’t the receiver pay previous promotional obligations?

  • The simple fact is that these commitments such as GIN 2014 Cruise, Inner Circle distributions and others were made by the previous management team. The amount of cash on hand verses the over committed promises created a liability that was and is unachievable. However, aside from the amounts, the Inner Circle and other programs represent pre-receivership debt that the receiver’s office is not authorized by the courts to pay.  In addition, if they were authorized as payouts, it would not be possible to run GIN profitably as was directed by the court order.  Lastly, any funds that may have been reserved for these programs prior to receivership were not accrued or reserved when the receiver was appointed and were not financially structured properly by those who controlled the finances of these programs.  We invite all GIN Members to review the official statements released by the receivers as it relates to this matter.

How was Inner Circle money allocated?

  • Unfortunately, this is information that is not currently available to GIN and can only be answered by individuals who, prior to the receivership, controlled the use of those funds.  GIN’s current management sincerely apologizes and truly regrets having to inform the field of recent news regarding the inability to pay Inner Circle payments as well as other bonuses.  It is the intent of GIN’s current management to demonstrate a legal and transparent ownership structure in the future.

If past bonuses and promotions were not fully paid, why should I trust future program rollouts?

  • Under the course of new management, receivership and a court order, it is very clear that legal and financial stability is a core and fundamental priority for the future.  It is GIN management’s intent to always measure and recommend to Members to also measure the financial feasibility of every program and ensure via legal counsel that all programs are in compliance with state and federal law. In general and under a new ownership structure, owners (potentially Members) will need to establish their own transparency policy.

Will the Sanctioned Speaker program continue?

  • Yes, in fact the entire staff is excited to announce new programs and details are soon to be disclosed!

Can Sanctioned Speakers use their access to others’ contact information for personal use?

  • Use of Sanctioned Speaker information for any other purpose than promoting GIN’s SS Program is in violation of the program and is grounds for dismissal from that program.

Who is part of the GIN Roundtable? Is this an official/legitimate group that will represent the Membership’s voice?

  • The GIN Roundtable is the official volunteer-based Membership board of the Global Information Network.  It is made up of nearly the same group of elected individuals who sat on the previous Member and Affiliate Advisory Boards.  Given the removal of GIN’s Affiliate Program, there is no longer a need for two separate Advisory Boards; therefore, the two boards have been restructured to form one single and more intimate Leadership Roundtable (LRT).  Since the previously elected board members had only fulfilled about one half of their original advisory term, the boards were tasked with slightly reducing the size of the board to create the new LRT.

Why is the new Leadership Roundtable held in secrecy from the GIN Members?

  • Contrary to statement sent to GIN members implying a secret board, there is absolutely NO secrecy as to the members of the new LRT.  Logistical processes needed to be determined to reduce the size of the board from its original two-board structure.  The official announcement of the LRT seat holders has always been, and will continue to be scheduled for release in mid-January of 2014.  A new section of the GIN website will be dedicated exclusively to the LRT.  This section will include biographies and other information so that the entire Membership can get to know and even communicate with these elected leaders.

What is the role of GIN’s Leadership Roundtable?

  • Essentially, the role of the new LRT is the same as the role of the previous Member and Affiliate Advisory Boards.  That is, to assess and communicate the voice of the Membership to GIN management, and to assist in the communications of important issues back out to the Membership.  For the time being, the LRT does not play a governance role as it relates to financial processes or legal matters; however, it will be able to convey the Members’ opinion on these matters so that the Membership perspective is considered in all decision making.

Where is the contract between the LRT Members and the receivers?

  • Contrary to recent misleading communications sent by other parties, there is no „contract“ between these parties.  Rather, this arm of the organization works independently yet cooperatively with the receiver and GIN HQ to voice the Members’ opinions, concerns and wishes for the organization moving forward. These are not currently paid positions.

Why does the GIN receiver control the LRT?

  • It would not be a correct representation to describe the receivers as „in control“ of the LRT.  There is, and will continue to be, fluid communication to and from the receiver, GIN HQ, the LRT and the collective GIN Membership.  There are no mandated assignments or specific agendas from the receivers to the LRT. The receivers and GIN HQ support the opinions and production of the LRT (which represents the collective opinion of the Membership) provided they are within current legal and financial parameters.

Have the LRT Members endorsed the idea of giving all GIN Members the opportunity to participate in the acquisition of the club?

  • Yes.  However, GIN encourages you to reach out to those Members for more details following the announcement of the new LRT.

Why did a recent communication state that GIN paid Mr. Troy McClain to write a recently released letter?

  • The communication sent by Perry Kiraly stated, „But what Troy did not mention is that he was paid to write this letter.“   Fact: Troy was NOT paid by GIN or by an affiliated company of GIN or by the receivers office. It also went on to say that „Troy has in fact been retained by GIN or one of its management companies or a receiver controlled Trudeau Entity for the past 2 years; which is something you may want to consider in assessing its content.“  Again, a complete FALSEHOOD.  Troy was in fact on retainer for GIN in past years.  However he has not been paid by GIN as a PR consultant for approximately the past 1 1/2 years.  That being said, as a result of recent conversations, GIN has been interested in having Troy reignite his former communications role with GIN.  Those that know Troy or have taken any time with him would assert to his genuine, open and good hearted nature. He has been more than giving of his time to all of us and more than upfront on all aspects of his relationship with KT and this company. He has made no secret and been more than open about being hired directly by KT for various projects over the years; however, he has never been hired directly by GIN for any such „letter writing.“ Those who know Troy also know that he would be positive about Perry’s position and aim to look beyond the obvious to find the good message in this attack. Additionally, Troy would not ask anyone of us to stand up for him as he would ask us to stand up for others who can’t. That said, our staff and many members have had enough of the falsehoods and refuse to let a statement like this linger! After reading the letter Perry wrote, here is an excerpt of Troy’s response:

Well, Perry’s a good man trying to do what he believes is the right thing for the club. I simply just have a different position based on my expertise and years of experience.

He goes on to say, „I am actually proud of Perry for standing up for something he believes to right. I have no ill will towards him at all; I just think he’s giving information that is inaccurate. It does hurt he would make things up without validating it first but also proves he’s passionate and emotional about his cause and may be a little clouded on the facts.“

He wraps with this comment, „I have, am and will continue to give back my time and services to the GIN Members.  However, I would be more than honored and humbled to officially come on board should the staff want me. Heck, I would drop everything and jump at the chance to work with a great staff and amazing membership team like GIN! I would go as far to say, if anyone wants to back Perry and believes in what he is doing, then go for it! None should have ill will or bad blood towards a person or group that believes in something different from your own. We all should respect this and still value Perry and his group as a team, however, based on my years of experience, historic performance in business and profession. I believe the path to take is with the existing staff who have stayed the course and are willing to fight! In the end, yes, I would work for GIN and give it my all should they want me. And in the end when this club turns around for the better I would even embrace Perry. He brings such passion and power to the table and GIN deserves a guy like this.“

After reading Troy’s comments our staff was taken back. This is the attitude, mindset and team player we need! We can all see why KT selected such a person. GIN has been interested in having Troy bring his talents to the table during our time of struggle for some time now and as Troy’s letter indicated. Troy is an effective communicator and runs a successful communications and PR firm, which is in large part why GIN hired him in past years.  These claims by another party are viewed as no more than another attempt to mislead the GIN Members for their own benefit.  There will be information coming out soon regarding Troy’s future contributions to GIN’s communications efforts once again.  Under the spirit of total transparency, known by most GIN Members, GIN Staff, the receivers and Kevin Trudeau’s defense team, Troy has worked on Mr. Trudeau’s legal defense efforts without a conflict of interest.  GIN is not party to any current lawsuit related to Mr. Trudeau, other than the fact that GIN was deemed an asset of Mr. Trudeau.

GIN has not paid Mr. McClain any funds for his statement letter.  Troy sent the letter to GIN as a whole and it was decided to use the letter to effectively communicate his message to the field.  Troy has been an intricate member and speaker of the GIN family and is well respected with the GIN community.

Is the GIN LRT or its Members working with the Intervenors’ motion?

  • No.  The GIN Member spokesman for the Intervenors, Perry Kiraly, was invited to meet with GIN’s Member Advisory Board and GIN Management.  Everyone agreed that it would be best for a designated Board Member to consult with an independent attorney to seek advice on the Intervenor’s actions.  All agreements and decisions made by the Intervenor and The Advisory Board and GIN Staff were bypassed, and the Advisory Board did not have the opportunity to communicate with the general Membership or to complete its own pursuit of legal counsel before the Intervenor proceeded with his motion.

What was the original intent of the Intervenors’ efforts?

  • According to the documents provided by the Intervenor, the original intent was to purchase GIN.  It appears that in their latest communications that the intention is to shut down GIN and start a new club; however, they want to do so under their own appointed governing board rather than one appointed by the Membership.

Would it be easier to keep GIN alive, or just start a new club?

  • GIN HQ shares the opinion with the LRT and many Members who have spoken up–it would no doubt be a MASSIVE undertaking to start an entirely new club.  The general sense is that a new startup is not a very viable option for those who are interested in keeping the business continuity in tact post-receivership.  Starting up an entirely new concept would entail recruiting new speakers and educators, procuring new curriculum & training, new staff, new IT infrastructure, new events, new phone systems, new budgets, new websites, new HQ buildings, new attorneys, new costs, etc.

Are the numbers stated by the Intervenors and their legal counsel accurate?

  • No, we have found many inaccuracies (overstatements of member declines) as to the numbers and percentages quoted in those communications.  GIN is unaware as to where they are retrieving this inaccurate data.

Why has a lawyer stated his opinion is that GIN will soon only have 2000 members and that all of GIN Staff will be fired?

  • This is not the opinion of a lawyer representing GIN.  It is the opinion of the Intervenors’ attorney, paid by the Intervenors.

Is it a direct violation for a GIN Member to defame or use the information on the GIN website (contact info) to directly solicit, intimidate, insult or defame another GIN Member?

  • Yes.  Although many GIN Members participate in other organizations, soliciting Members to leave GIN entirely for the purposes of directly and negatively impacting GIN could potentially be deemed as a direct violation.  The Intervenors’ counsel stated that a new club can be started, however he failed to refer to two important sections of GIN’s own Membership Agreement listed below:
    • 12.8. I agree to never jeopardize the reputation of GIN, any of its Members and Affiliates, staff, speakers, presenters, and contractors, in any way, including but not limited to using any social media platform (Face book, Twitter, Google+, etc.), email, telephone, print, or public announcement.
    • 12.17. I agree to never solicit Members and/or Affiliates, directly or indirectly, to promote other business opportunities, loans, investments, products, or services.

Does GIN have a policy to prevent harassment of Members or hurting the reputation of others?

  • Yes, the following sections of the Membership Agreement are applicable.
    • 12.8. I agree to never jeopardize the reputation of GIN, any of its Members and Affiliates, staff, speakers, presenters, and contractors, in any way, including but not limited to using any social media platform (Face book, Twitter, Google+, etc.), email, telephone, print, or public announcement.
    • 12.20. I agree to never harass any Member and/or Affiliate in any way, including but not limited to physical stalking, bullying, on-line stalking, using email or telephone calls.

Will future GIN owners make due on all previous liabilities?

  • This cannot be answered at this time and can only be answered by future owners.  However, acquirers of GIN will have to conduct their own financial assessment of past liabilities to see if it is possible to meet those previous obligations of GIN.  It should be noted that new owners of GIN will not acquire GIN’s previous liabilities at the time of acquisition; rather only GIN’s assets will be sold.

How will the GIN Members’ voice be heard?

  • Member engagement and feedback is an area that needs considerable improvement.  GIN HQ will be making great strides in improving the communication mechanisms between its LRT and the Member field.  A couple of these improvements will include an official mechanism for all Members to communicate with the LRT via the GIN website.  We will also introduce Member surveys on various projects so that the LRT can accurately assess the opinions of GIN Members. The LRT’s duty will be to assess and recommend solutions to GIN HQ based on their inner working knowledge of the Members’ opinions while working within financial and legal parameters.  Just like with any committee or board, decisions will not always be popular with every Member all of the time. However, the process should help to gather the opinions of all parties to arrive at the best possible opinion and decision on any given topic.  Other potential Member engagement tools may include audio/video conferences, live town hall meetings and sub-committee opportunities.

When did the GIN Members own GIN? How can the court appointed receiver sell something that is owned by the GIN Members?

  • The Members do not and never did own GIN.  It was deemed a family asset of Kevin Trudeau.

Is the GIN training (i.e. Your Wish is Your Command, Success Mastery Courses, etc.) copy written and trademarked, and therefore an intellectual property of GIN under the control of the receivers?

  • Yes

When is the next major GIN Event?

  • Provided that GIN maintains stability and there is a transaction of ownership that would not prevent planning of a major event, GIN still anticipates the next event to be announced by late spring.

Does GIN have an approved budget for the first quarter seminars and Regional Education Forums (informally referred to as „Road Shows“)?

  • Yes! See you there!

Why can’t GIN Members register for the cruise?

  • There is not official GIN Cruise in 2014.  There was an unofficial GIN Member cruise for which GIN did not administer the registration.

Who will create the next level of training?

  • GIN is excited to announce that it is currently engaging its faculty of expert trainers, LRT, consultants, and staff in dialogue to help develop the next level of training.  This is a very complex discussion on which the Membership will be updated as developments occur.  GIN intends to deliver the full 12 levels of Membership as originally planned.  Level 7 will be the next level to be released!

When is the next Level V Testing and Level VI Training?

  • GIN’s events and education team is currently balancing many new GIN seminars and Regional Education Forums around the best available dates.  GIN realizes the urgency of providing these trainings to our Member field.  Specific announcements are forthcoming and we are hopeful for a Q1 date.

Does the GIN Council exist?

  • According to the information gathered by the receiver of The Global Information Network, the entity referred to as the GIN Council does not exist and therefore any reference or endorsement of this entity by any of the Global Information Network’s previous trainers/hosts should not be interpreted as an endorsement, benefit or part of the training curriculum of the GIN organization.

How many different groups are forming to purchase GIN?

  • GIN is aware that several groups have contacted the receiver and expressed a desire to purchase the club.  Any member interested in purchasing the club should submit their contact information to GIN.  Once the receiver is prepared to provide information that will be needed for a Member(s) to formulate their proposed bid, the receiver will make this information equally available to all interested parties.

If funds are raised by any members of the LRT, would those funds be under the escrow control of the receivers as stated by the Intervenors’ communications?

  • Absolutely not.  Funds raised by any collective group of Members to purchase GIN are not and would not be under receivership control.  This would imply that the funds originally collected by the Intervenors’ efforts to purchase GIN would have been under the receiver’s control, which of course they were not.

Will GIN refund the funds invested to purchase GIN with the Intervenors or any other group refundable by GIN?

  • No.  Unless the new owners decide to make such a commitment.

Did the FTC want to dismantle GIN?

  • In cooperative efforts with the receiver’s office, GIN has made substantial strides to make its operations legally and financially sound.  GIN is confident this will demonstrate a clear effort of cooperation with any government authority and to demonstrate that the new GIN management has the best interest of its Members and the interest of consumers in mind.

Why did GIN lower its Membership Level price structure and „fire sale“ the organization?

  • This was a misrepresentation of the facts as conveyed by the Intervenor.  The decision to adjust the pricing structure was a direct result of continuous feedback from the GIN Membership and statistics, resulting in a recommendation to the receiver.  This decision was made in an effort to expose GIN to a larger community.  Even with the price adjustments, GIN’s Membership price points allow GIN to maintain its position within the elite marketplace.

Why is GIN’s new upgrade price structure or bonus upgrades allowing GIN Members to become an upper level Member without going through the training or taking the required exams?

  • This is incorrect.  GIN’s new upgrade pricing or bonus upgrades required ALL GIN Members to complete all required training and testing exactly as it has been required in the past.

Will GIN’s Member Levels remain?

  • Yes, all Member levels 1-6 remain and we are currently beginning the development of Level 7.

Since we have no Affiliate Program, do all of the Affiliate levels of recognition go away?

  • No, however they have been modified to encompass the current business model and will still be used for recognition under the new definitions.  Watch for the announcement very soon!

Since the GIN Affiliate Program has been removed, is there any incentive for recruitment?

  • Yes.  Initially, the new GIN Rewards Program will replace the previous recruiting program, allowing a larger community to have more financial accessibility to join and stay in GIN with the opportunity for many discounts.  The GIN Rewards Program will most likely expand following its initial launch in February of 2014.

Have any valuable Members returned to GIN?

  • Yes, recently we have welcomed back some Members to the GIN family.  Many of these enrollees have cited the new GIN price structure as a reason for returning to the organization.  We would like to take this opportunity for the dedication of these Members for their renewed sense of dedication and optimism in GIN in the hopes of saving our organization!  Thank you!

Will GIN keep the new pricing structure that it has established?

  • At this time, there is no intent to increase the newly released Membership pricing.  GIN feels confident in the data that supported the decision to adjust the Membership price structure.

We end this update with some insightful statements from GIN Members….

  • Are we GIN when we run away as soon as we feel things are not going as we expected
  • Are we GIN when we get negatively influenced by the situation to the point of being ready to shut down GIN by not paying our dues
  • Are we GIN when we think of what could happen that we don’t want to happen with the Receiver, instead of focusing on what we already have and still have and on what we want
  • Let’s confront the situation and it will soon lose its power and we’ll see more clearl
  • Let’s just buy together GIN’s assets and trainings, and on we move
  • I can already see all of us laughing about these challenging times as we’ll look back a few months from now!

January 20, 2014


Dear GIN Members and Associates,

While we are still in the process of defining our priorities for the next few months, the Leadership Roundtable (LRT) Members would like to submit a collaborative, unified view to you, as a GIN club Member or Associate in good standing. The purpose of our letter is to make our position clear, and to communicate that we are fundamentally interested in the well-being of many, not the interests of a few.

First of all, who are we? The LRT consists of both of GIN’s previous Member Advisory Board and Affiliate Advisory Board Members that were voted on by membership, or appointed by the club Members who expressed interest in continuing to serve our club. Many of the nine of us have been in GIN since the onset of our club. We are Members that have shown our commitment to the club over the years in a number of ways. We are NOT a group that has been appointed by the Receivers, nor do we represent their views. We are NOT a board of directors, NOR are we self-appointed.

We, as a group of Members, are interested in the continuity, and ultimate thriving of our club, and are open to what changes may transpire after the club transitions. In keeping with the intent of GIN’s original Advisory Boards purpose, our desire is that your views and wishes are heard, and impact the direction that GIN takes. Since our priority is to keep the club’s principles and beliefs whole, and allow what GIN stands for to remain intact, we accept the challenge to assist and represent you, in the context of completing our commitment to our previous advisory board’s term. While we are not presently privy to most of the information at GIN Headquarters, our goal as leaders on the LRT is to achieve as much transparency and accountability to GIN’s Members and Associates as beneficially possible and as soon as possible.

It is apparent in our exchanges, both informally among each other, and during our formal inaugural January 9th meeting, that all the LRT Members feel love, respect, and trust for each of you . . . Members and Associates committed to our club. Each of us is genuinely interested, and united in achieving the well-being and continuity of this club. The respect we have for each other, and for the tenacity of our entire club community acting in good faith, remains a constant.

Until recently, there has not been any clarity on the potential „how“ during the process of much change, over which none of us had any control. We believe and realize that the best and most viable option to ensure future growth and success of our club is for the Members and Associates to buy it from the Receivers. We are also interested in promoting hope, belief, and excitement for a future GIN owned, and run, by its Members. In the interest of keeping our club healthy and to encourage momentum, we support continuing to pay our monthly dues. Yes, we know some of the money may pay the Receiver’s expenses, but we choose to FOCUS ON WHAT WE WANT, knowing that the future is OURS to write. Any short term decisions can and will be revisited once we have control of the club, so please do not concern yourself with doom and gloom others may be preaching. Those of you who are familiar with the training and use of the words “Cancel, Cancel,” may want to use this to clear the rats out of your head.

Additionally, we as a group of nine committed Members and leaders, speak in a unified voice in stating we are not in general support of those among us who are propagating fear and loss. To those few individuals we say “CANCEL, CANCEL.” To quote from the Myth Busters, “I reject your reality and substitute my own.” The New Year will bring Hope, Life, and Love for GIN.

Again, buying the club is really a no-brainer. Starting over from scratch would be immensely time consuming and a huge and expensive undertaking. Without the basis and infrastructure in place, there would be a need to invest a substantial amount of time and energy to re-build, find, or create: a new Success Mastery Course, the IT infrastructure, the video webinars, the live seminars, the already trained staff, the vendors, the speakers, and on and on. While a degree of rebuilding will be necessary in whichever scenario the club membership chooses, our desire is to have the least amount of disruption in the interest of ensuring the stability and continuity of our club.

One of the outcomes of our January 9th meeting was to endorse the formation of a new website devoted to bringing our Members and Associates together in unity and make a bid to buy the club. We hope this will be accomplished in the next seven days. To reiterate, in keeping with the positive energy and communicative style the LRT wishes to convey, we want to make information available to you as soon as beneficially possible.

You are welcome to ask any questions you may have using the „Member Advisory“ (note this is for Members only) section on the Online Community of the GIN Website, which had already been set up to provide feedback. If the answer is available (note that we do not have access to any financial or legal information of the club) and the question is positive in nature, we will do our utmost to answer as soon as possible. We will make available additional information, including a website financed by an LRT Member shortly.

We are grateful to our Chairman, Greg Kramer, for his ongoing commitment, tenacity, and love for our club. These characteristics have been displayed by each of the LRT Members, including our Co-Chair Bob Shontz. Note that LRT membership consists of three One-Star Platinums, a Member of GIN’s speaker faculty, a Go-Getter, and many Inner Circle Members. All are Level VI Members or Level VI Candidates, and all were elected GIN Advisory Board Members.

Whatever the club’s overall Members collectively create, and whatever transpires, at this time the nine of us feel blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside each other, as a Member of, and in service to, our fine club. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to a great 2014!

Sincerely yours,

GIN Leadership Roundtable

Greg Kramer, Chairman
Bob Shontz, Co-Chairman
Marjorie Alayon
Nancy Ashley
JoAnn Brownell
Phil Catalano
Roevel Guzman
Jacques Patenaude
Eli Rook

Note: According to the information gathered by the Receiver of The Global Information Network, the entity referred to as the GIN Council does not exist and therefore any reference or endorsement of this entity by any of the Global Information Network’s previous trainers/hosts should not be interpreted as an endorsement, benefit or part of the training curriculum of the GIN organization. GIN’s Affiliate Program may also be referred to in past trainings or educational materials. GIN’s Affiliate Program officially ended on November 30, 2013.

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