Passport to Freedom in Las Vegas 23.-25.01.2014 | Event

Passport To Freedom: January 23-25, 2014 in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome. I’m Andrew Henderson – expat entrepreneur and investor, perpetual traveler, and citizen of the world. As editor-at-large of the website Nomad Capitalist, I’ve spent the last few years meeting with some of the best and brightest in the freedom community. Now, I’m bringing some of the top experts from my Rolodex onto one stage for an action-packed, three-day event in Las Vegas. They’ll be sharing secrets on HOW to protect your freedom, your wealth, and your family from the collapse of the United States…

Secrets Like These

  • The smoke and mirrors used by governments to mug you (it’s being going on since the days of the Roman Empire, so they’re pretty good at it now)
  • The lightening fast, no-brainer way you can open a private offshore bank account from your home with just a few clicks of your mouse – there are two ways to do it and I share the pros and cons of each.
  • How to instantly STOP your government snooping on your emails (you’ll LOVE this one!).
  • The best country in which to buy gold … and the different country which is the best place to store it … and the three different ways you can choose to do it.
  • How to take full advantage of ‘geo-arbitrage’ (get this right and you’ll save a boatload of cash and time, regardless of where you live).
  • Why the US Constitution is powerless to safeguard your freedom – and what you can do about it.
  • Why you definitely need more than one passport – and the six fatal mistakes I’ll steer you away from (vital intel if you’re a US citizen).
  • How, in the end, paper money always corrupts governments (they just can’t resist the temptation).
  • Two offshore assets the IRS don’t want to know about (so you certainly don’t need to tell them!).
  • The huge advantages of owning foreign real estate – and the best places in the world to buy it (and enjoy the bonus of second passport thrown in).
  • The country which will pay you as much as 15% annual interest on your savings.
  • How to own an offshore account and stay legal (yes it REALLY IS possible to do both).
  • … and much, MUCH more …

The Experts

  • Peter Schiff – Financial commentator, investment manager, and radio host. Topic: How to Survive and Prosper the Coming Inflation and Dollar Collapse. Peter Schiff keynotes Passport to Freedom 2014 and promises to share ways to build your own economic freedom around the world. He’ll discuss banking and investment opportunities offshore, whether you have $50,000 or $50 million. Plus, he’ll offer insights on how the western world is broken – and specific ways to find freedom in spite of it.
  • Jeff Berwick – Escaping the Coming Dollar Collapse. Topic: Citizenship Diversification and Fiat Currency Insurance. Jeff Berwick is one of the most sought after speakers in the asset protection and international community – but he’ll be sharing unique information EXCLUSIVELY at Passport to Freedom. Learn how to get citizenship insurance, the best places to get a second passport (including one you never thought of), and the best real estate investment you can make to survive and prosper in bad economic times.
  • Bobby Casey – Global Wealth Protection. Topic: Air-Tight Global Asset Protection. An authority on offshore corporations, Bobby shares ways to keep the government, ambulance chasers, and the banks’ away from your hard-earned money and business assets. He’ll share ways to lock up your assets so no one can touch them.
  • Joel Nagel – Owner of Nagel Associates Law Firm. Topic: The One Secret You Must Know About Trusts. The most respected expert in the US on offshore trusts, Joel will share one legal secret you need to know before setting up any trust – onshore or offshore. You’ll learn which trusts are best for keeping creditors at bay, as well as legal strategies to remain compliant so your assets stay yours.
  • Charles Goyette – Bestselling Author of “The Dollar Meltdown”. Topic: The Best Fiat Currency Escape Hatches. Nationally-known author, speaker, and radio host with Ron Paul, Charles shares thirty years of experience studying precious metals and the death of fiat currencies. You’ll learn his top three tips for protecting your fiat money from a death spiral.
  • Vitalik Buterin – Bitcoin Expert. Topic: How to Survive – and Profit from – Bitcoin and Digital Currencies. One of the biggest names in Bitcoin, Vitalik Buterin is a columnist, advocate, and early adopter of Bitcoin. He’s a sought-after expert on cryptocurrencies as well as a senior contributor to Bitcoin Magazine. He’ll show you how to “mine”, buy, store, and spend Bitcoins for more privacy or greater profits. Vitalik will also share Bitcoin trends from around the world and how you can follow them to find more freedom.
  • Torgny Persson – Swedish/Singoporean Entrepreneur. Topic: Protecting Your Gold from the Next Gold Confiscation. Will FDR rear his ugly, gold-stealing head again? Governments around the world want your gold – you’ll learn how to stop them. Torgny shares his two favorite plans for protecting your gold from government confiscation, as well as the pros and cons of offshore gold storage – even how to store your gold for free!
  • Pete Sisco – Millionaire Online Entrepreneur And Author. Topic: How To Safely Leave The Rat Race Whether you plan to stay in your home country or move to greener pastures, you don’t have to be a slave to the office to make money anymore. Pete has made millions in his thirteen years as an online business owner, and he’ll lay out – step-by-step – how you can do it, too. No hype, no BS sales pitch. Pete will share his own hard-fought lessons on the whole truth behind the familiar half-truths of earning online income.
  • David Lesperance – Second Passport Guru. Topic: The Easiest Second Passports to Get (That You’ve Never Heard Of). Having a second passport is an essential diversification tool. Canadian lawyer David Lesperance is the second passport guru to the stars! He’s helped people get passports in places you may not even know offer second citizenship. He’ll share the second passports “they” don’t want to you know about, as well as second passport countries NO ONE is talking about.
  • Steve Michaels – Privacy Expert and Perpetual Traveler. Topic: Becoming Globally Invisible Online and Offline. The NSA wants to know everything about you. Steve will show you how to restore privacy to your finances and your life and escape Big Brother’s surveillance state – once and for all! Learn how to protect your phone calls, emails, and bank records.
  • Aaron Cleary – Author of “Captain Capitalism”. Topic: Help Sink the Titanic That Is The United States. With the US economy in a constant state of doom and gloom, you’d think there would be nowhere to hide. But top-rated writer Aaron Cleary will show you how to maximize your profits and your lifestyle even as US economic dominance wanes. He’ll have you asking “What recession?!”
  • Ernest Hancock – Syndicated Radio Host And Editor of “Freedom’s Phoenix”. Topic: How To End Your Reliance On Government. A lifetime advocate of freedom, Ernest will show you the #1 best way to own gold and silver, how to keep the police from snooping on your finances, and how to divorce your government no matter where you live.
  • Matt DuBiel – Libertarian Entrepreneur. Topic: How To Take Freedom With You – Anywhere. Named “one of the 100 most influential people online”, Matt will share how you can restore freedom to your life no matter where you live. Whether you stay in the US or become an expat, Matt will share tips he himself has used to escape the clutches of the TSA, FEMA, and other big government agencies! Matt’s been featured on Fox News, CNN, WLS Radio, and more, discussing his strategies for personal freedom.
  • Andrew Henderson – Nomad Capitalist. Topic: Best Places to Live and Bank Offshore. From stable countries with strong currencies to frontier markets offering double-digit returns on deposits, Andrew shares his knowledge on where in the world to keep your money safe and where to find potential for returns as high as 7%, 10%, and 15%.

Ticket für drei Tage: 1.479 US$

Infos und Bestellung

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