It’s Not Brain Surgery by MD Kris A. Smith | RBS

It’s Not Brain Surgery

A Neurosurgeon’s Prescription for Health Care Reform
by Kris A. Smith, MD

Why is health care in America so expensive? Why does America spend far more than any other country on health care but lags significantly behind other advanced countries in many health-care related statistics? The Affordable Care Act „Obamacare“ was signed into law in spite of great opposition from conservatives. The ACA is an attempt to reign in health care costs but remains highly controversial.

Will the ACA succeed in reducing health care costs and improving access to health care for Americans without health insurance, or is Obamacare fundamentally flawed in its conception? Will the implementation of the ACA permanently damage the practice of medicine in America, resulting in further escalation of the national debt in the process?

Dr. Smith draws from years of experience as an attending neurosurgeon to explain some fundamental problems with American medicine. He gives the reader a review of how we got into this health care crisis and illustrates this problem through personal experiences and patient encounters. He gives solutions for how we should move forward to better and more affordable health care while avoiding increased national debt.

212 pages, US$ 13.99 (paperback)

Quelle: Tate Publishing LLC, Rachele Brooke Smith on whosay

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